Upstairs Bathroom Makeover Reveal

It’s here… the day I’ve been waiting to share our newly beautified main family bathroom. Although it’s not 100% done, I am happy with the state it’s in to show it to you anyway. I am super proud of this room’s transformation because I learned so many new things to get the vision in my head to reality. For instance, I measured, cut and installed all the moulding work by myself. Yup, I even taught myself how to use a scary brad nailer, { although you wouldn’t know it, we’re best of friends now! }, various saws and most of all, I learned to take myself seriously and have faith in my abilities. I know, sappy right?! But now, watch out – no room in the house is safe because look what I can do! Annnywaaay….. I was going to show you this room.

This is the best I was able to get as the before. This room is quite small and awkward so this is it.

The only word that comes to mind – BLAH. No worries though, I took care of that.

My overall vision for this room, and quite frankly the entire house – eventually, is a classy look with some more character and interest. This townhouse is a simple cookie cutter box that lacks beautiful character I so crave and drool over in some houses I’ve seen. So, I was on a serious mission as to how I was going to create that classy character I envisioned but I think I nailed it.

Here goes… I’ll let the photos speak for themselves because I am in love with the end result!

The shelf and both pieces of art were DIYed by yours truly.

… a good look at some of the moulding detail. I am in love!

A quick side by side before and after.

There you have it! It has been a few months in progress and I am happy that it’s just about complete. I think it looks freaking amazing, if I do say so myself!

Now, how long is it going to stay as clean as it currently is?!

xo, Annie


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