Not Just A House, but A Home

Home. The story of who we are and a collection of all the things we love. This statement couldn’t be more true. This is the core belief I create with. This is my ultimate goal. It’s simple but I think it’s often overlooked. I don’t want just a house, I want a home. I strive to make our house a place to not only just exist in but truly live in. It’s where we come together at the end of a crazy day to share dinner and just be, be us; a family of four who truly enjoy being at home together. We love to sit together on the couch and watch movies or simply snuggle up under a comfy blanket and sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and chat.

 I am passionate about our home and creating a space that not only reflects me personally, but also the three other people I am lucky to do life with. I am a homebody and having a comfortable home is of utmost importance to me. I am always in search of ways to throw some personality into our humble little townhouse we are slowly, but surely making it our home sweet home.

Home to me means walking in through the front door and being greeted by the familiarity of everything I choose to bring into our home; it makes my heart smile. To me personally, I love driving up to our house and the first thing I see is our bright yellow painted door, it simply brings me joy. When I walk through that yellow door I’m happy to be in the space that we’ve worked so hard to have. And even my little snake plant sitting pretty in his basket makes me happy. It’s all the little things that you specifically choose to bring into your home that makes it yours and special to you.

Home sweet home. There’s nothing quite like it.

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