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Hello Monday! Hope you and yours had a great relaxing few days off. We had a great weekend which included my husband and I spending some time on the couch scheming over a glass of wine about what we want our living room makeover part two to look like, specifically the living room TV wall. You see we finally replaced all the flooring throughout the house and the wall colours just over a year ago and now we need new furniture and to replace our TV. And when I say need to replace our living room seating, I mean actually need to, not just want to. You see, in all our married life, almost 12 years now, we’ve lived with old hand-me-downs that are no where near our style and comfort level and they just need to go. Our teeny tiny TV which is still going from when we first bought it almost 12 years ago, it will be finding its new home in the basement for the kids to use. So, that brings me to now and figuring out what we want to upgrade to and to make our living room even more cozy and functional as its a well used space. Throughout the entire colour scheme for the house I am aiming to incorporate some forms of warm wood and textures among neutral paint colours with pops of yellows and various shades of blue.

I’ve been using good ol’ Pinterest to help with collecting inspirations for this TV wall and I think the husband and I have come to a great compromise on how we see this wall come together. Check out these amazing wood walls that give a beautiful warmth. I would be more than happy with any of these great ideas. Which do you like best?




Like I said, I like them all but I especially love the middle inspiration photo. The warmth of the wood against the bright surrounding neutral wall colour is exactly what I am going for.

Have a lovely week!

xo, Annie


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