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I have never shared photos of our living room. Ever. And for good reason – or so I thought. In hopes of keeping things real around here, I will share it with you today. I will share it in all it’s work in progress stages, including our second hand furniture and all the things on my to-change list. If you read my post from the other day you will know that I am learning to embrace what we have and be content in the now. I have embraced this room for what it is and also learned to appreciate it for how far it has come along.

 I had never liked our living room for a few reasons: 1) it’s long and narrow and that’s always been a challenge for me as far as furniture placement goes 2) for the longest time, up until last year it had hideous dusty rose carpeting in it, yuck! See it there, nasty! (And look how tiny my kiddos are in this pic; sooo cute!)

A lot has changed in this space, especially in the last two years, and I am so very happy with the direction it’s going. I feel like I am finally able to love this room as much as some of the others that I have been lucky enough to have put my stamp on, like our upstairs main bathroom. Check it out if you haven’t already, you’ll see what I mean. Over the last two years we’ve been able to check off the biggest to-do for this house which was to replace all the flooring. It has made the biggest change and I am so happy with it. Another great change, and a simple one at that, paint. Paint is so under rated as far as the impact it can make in a space. Also, let me say I have no idea what I was thinking when I painted this room a warm brown colour when almost everything else was already in a similar colour palette. Oh well! Let’s call it one of my many live and learn mistakes.

Let’s take a look at our living room then and now!
Looking back at these I have an even greater appreciation for the all the progress, big and small. Let’s make note of that floor, shall we?! I love it so much!!


When I had finally decided on new paint colours for this space, the biggest thing I wanted was contrast. I wanted a light and airy feel to the room but at the same time I needed a bold statement colour to pull from as an accent for the entire room. I chose classic gray as the main colour and graphite as my accent, both are Benjamin Moore colours. They work so beautifully along side the gorgeous new flooring too.

 I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our living room and reliving the before with me. I hope to inspire you to continue to make progress, in whatever it may be; progress is always good, big or small.
 Happy Wednesday, friends!





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