Basement Progress | Before & Now

The basement has come a long way from the dark and gloomy space it once was. It doesn’t help that it has only one small itty bitty window in the entire space and it brings in next to zero natural light as it is under our backyard deck. I know – not cool!! So what’s a girl to do to make this space feel bigger and brighter you might ask. Let’s go through this together and I’ll show you, shall we? And I apologize for the poorly lit photos as I made the best of the situation having zero natural light to work with.

See that spot with the drywall ceiling pulled out? Yeah, that was where this entire thing started… because the ceiling had a few random holes in it already {which were already there when we bought this place} I decided to tear it all down. I had a vision of white planks for a ceiling and all would be well – but not without a ton of work and a whole lot of dust and drywall to dispose of.

The more I tore out the more I loved it! Who am I kidding, there was no going back at this point anyway.

With the floor visible again and the ceiling in it’s new raw state, the next step was to paint the walls.

In hopes of transforming this space into a light and bright space and always on a budget, I banked on the paint on the walls to achieve the look I was after. I chose to use the same light gray colour I used in our main floor, Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. I’ve very much enjoyed my colour scheme upstairs and how much bigger our humble space looks, so why not try it here too. You know I love me some good contrast, so I of course did a dark contrasting wall in another colour I’ve already used and love, Graphite also by Ben Moore.

As the paint was drying made a trip to our local hardware store to get an order of my planking material for the new ceiling. I used a rough, low quality plywood sheets and got it cut into 6″ wide, 8′ long strips. I wanted the rustic look so the roughness of the material just played into what I was going for; plus the price of this stuff went well with my tiny budget. The next step was a long and tedious one, I spent a few hours a day for at least a few weeks working away at this, solo. Let me paint you a picture: me standing up on a ladder with an 8′ long strip balancing on one arm with my handy dandy brad nailer in the other hand and nailing these strips into place. Now, I didn’t say this would be a pretty picture but I did this until the ceiling was covered. I primed and painted next. This was another huge job as I was breaking my neck painting in all the rough nooks and knots of the plywood strips. All in all it was a job I would never repeat {okay maybe not never ever!} but it was so well worth all the neck pain, all the sweat and maybe some frustrating tears!!

After the ceiling was all up and I had finished painting each strip. I called up my brother to install the flooring. It took him a few hours on a Saturday morning to install it and the basement was starting to look like a million bucks!

 It’s come a long way but it’s still not 100% complete. I’m hoping to install all the baseboard and door trim later this spring. It also needs some more sprucing up to make it extra comfy such as some more pillows for the couch and more lighting but for now it works. We’ve decided this will be the kids’ main domain to hang out in with friends and such. Check it out!

I know right?! What a difference a little bit of sweat, tears and a bit o’ cash can do to transform a space.

XO, Annie




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