Adding Character with Mouldings & Trim

Our townhouse is a cookie-cutter design through and through. It lacks the character and charm I love in older homes; they just don’t make them like they used to. As with everything in our house I have learned to see that there’s always potential, even in a cookie cutter design. I’ve infused some of this character I crave using mouldings and trim work in a few spots through out the house so far,  and I’m not done yet. Now you may be wondering if it’s worth all the time, money and effort spent into doing this. I say yes!!! A big fat yes from me in fact. People pay good money for this stuff and honestly it makes all the difference.

A few years back when I made my first attempt at creating this character I so wanted and craved in our house, I did a board and batten design in our main family bathroom makeover. I had a vision of something classic that never goes out of style and yet is flexible and can evolve along side my design aesthetic. I gotta say, I am still impressed with my design and can confidently say I am not sick of how this room looks. Wouldn’t you agree?!

Sexy or what?!?!?!!?

Like I said, I ain’t done yet! Last year when we started some projects on the main floor I made an attempt at creating something outta nothing, really. So this wide and ceiling height doorway was bland and boring. I had some leftover pieces of trim and I created what is now a gorgeous framed out doorway and makes a huge impact visually.


I love the craftsman style and it’s been the inspiration behind the shape and form of the mouldings I’ve used. Above each door and window we did this simple design using chunky trim. I am more than thrilled with results so far. It’s been a lot of work to do but worth all the extra effort.

Is this something you would do in your house? I hope this has been an inspiration to you if you also love this type of character in homes.

Have a beautiful weekend!

xo, Annie





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